Structured Digital Design Lab

This class was the 2nd semester of digital design; a followup to "Digital Design Lab." In Structured Digital Design we took a programmatic approach to our design, simulation, and testing of digital circuits using VHDL. VHDL stands for VHSIC Hardware Description Language where VHSIC is the name of the US government program that developed it. A hardware description language is a specialized language that describes the structure and behavior of digital logic circuits and gives us the power to design much more complex circuits. All of the projects in this course were written in VHDL and simulated using ModelSim.


With these labs, we designed circuits by writing VHDL code entities and describing their behavior in the entity's architecture. In the real-world VHDL files can be read by a logic synthesizer that turns the code into a digital logic circuit. In this course we tested our VHDL entities in ModelSim by simulating input signals and observing the output.